Shetland Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group
For five decades, SOTEAG has continued to look after the interests of the environment around Shetland’s Sullom Voe Terminal and Port. It is recognised globally as a pioneering, world-class model of integrated coastal management based on its independent scientific monitoring and expert advice.

Today, SOTEAG’s role remains both relevant and essential – not only to assure the preservation of Shetland’s natural heritage, but also to share with the rest of the world its experience of environmentally responsible industrial activity in a distinctive cultural setting and sensitive natural environment.

SOTEAG has an impressive reputation worldwide and the system set up in Shetland has been replicated all over the globe. It is fabulous that SOTEAG are now celebrating 40 years. It really is a great working model, everybody coming together and working towards the same goal.

Iolo Williams
Wildlife presenter, Shetland

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