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Seabirds Count, the fourth census of Britain and Ireland’s internationally important populations of breeding seabirds. Use of and acknowledgement of SOTEAG seabird monitoring data.

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Analysis of long-term trends in the SOTEAG rocky shore monitoring programme: responses to climate change 1976-2014.

Analysis of long-term trends in rocky shore monitoring data

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Oral presentation at 13th International Seabird Group Conference, Edinburgh 6th–9th September 2016.
Abstract. The SMP 30 years on. Taking Stock and Planning for the future

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Thirty-eight years of monitoring show a large-scale oil development has had little long-term impact on local seabird populations.
Poster presentation at 13th International Seabird Group Conference, Edinburgh 6th–9th September 2016.
30 years of seabird monitoring

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Impacts of oil spills on shorelines. Good practice guidelines for incident management and emergency response personnel.
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Population and breeding dynamics of European Shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis at three major colonies in Shetland, 2001-2015.
Seabird, 28: 55-77.
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