Loan Box – Teacher Notes

Loan Box – Teacher Notes – Downloadable documents


SOTEAG has created a free loan box full of activities for Shetland schools/ clubs to borrow.

The loan box focuses on the work of SOTEAG and includes an array of activities linked to environmental monitoring, seabirds and the rocky shore.

Are you interested in finding out more about SOTEAG’s loan box?

Contact: Heather Runnacles Goodridge


For further Information about SOTEAG follow the links below.

  • Introduction to SOTEAG

  • SOTEAG Monitoring – For further information about SOTEAG’s monitoring and previous monitoring reports please follow this link

Feather Experiment:
Exploring the effects of oil spills on birds

Teachers Instructions           Feather experiment diagram


Anatomy of a bird feather   End of loan period equipment check list


Ice cube experiment: The effect of oil on animals

Teacher Instructions                 Ice cube experiment diagram


End of loan period – Equipment check list

Bird ID Game

Seabird Boardgame

SOTEAG Seabird Boardgame board

SOTEAG Seabird Boardgame Instructions and board pieces

Other small activities included in the loan box

ID Dials


Seabird Dial                               Rocky shore Dial

Rocky shore bunting

Rocky shore bunting template

Rainbow the Puffin storyboard

Puffin story board


Winter themed colouring Sheets

Winter border colouring in sheet starfish

Winter border colouring in sheet seaweed

Winter border colouring in sheet jellyfish

Winter border colouring in sheet hermit crab

Winter border colouring in sheet fish

Winter border colouring in sheet crab

Winter border colouring in sheet boat

Spring/ Summer themed colouring sheets




Hermit Crab



SOTEAG Monitoring Boat

Shetland birds – common names and Shetland names

Common and Shetland seabird names

Word searches

Bird word search

Rocky shore word search

SOTEAG word search

Teacher Instructions – SNAP Game

Contact details

Contact details – SOTEAG


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