SOTEAG: New Oil Spill Sensitivity Maps 2016

The 2016 update for the Sullom Voe and Yell Sound oil spill sensitivity maps is complete. There have been a number of updates and improvements to the maps, and the maps themselves now cover Shetland and not just Sullom Voe and Yell Sound.

It became apparent that the excellent coverage provided by the Sullom and Yell Sound maps should be extended to include the whole of Shetland. Oil spill contingency planning is an important function of SOTEAG, and these maps are vital for the planning of an effective oiled wildlife response in Shetland.

These maps provide an effective visualisation of a wide array of data available, highlighting areas that are environmentally sensitive in the event of an oil spill and how best to protect them.

If you wish to download the maps please click on this link and follow the instructions on the web page. The maps are available in three formats – PDF, GIS and Google Earth. Anyone using these maps must sign the user agreement first, stating that they are not using these maps for commercial purposes.  We hope that you will find them useful.

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