The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry: Oil Pollution in the North Sea

Springer have recently published an ebook titled Oil Pollution in the North Sea (Editor: Angela Carpenter) as part of The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry series.

The book offers a review of measures taken at different levels to prevent oil inputs to the North Sea from sources such as shipping and oil installations. A range of data from satellites, remote sensing, aerial surveillance, in-situ monitoring, oil spill sampling and beached bird surveys presents a comprehensive portrait of trends in oil pollution over many years. To access the ebook please follow the link above.

SOTEAG’s resident seabird monitoring officer, Martin Huebeck was consulted and co-wrote a chapter within this volume: Beached Bird Surveys in the North Sea as an Instrument to Measure Levels of Chronic Oil Pollution.

The book will provide essential reference material on tools and techniques for monitoring oil pollution.

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